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How to lay mosaic tile on a column

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I have a column/wall in the kitchen that I'd like to cover completely by tile. It's 17" wide on one side, and 5" wide on the narrow side. It's a whole wall that I'm treating more like a column. An island will be installed on one side of the wall. This island has a stove in it so I'm obliged to cover that wall with something.

I'm interested in using glass and stone mosaic tile sheets. I'm not sure what to do about the corners though. Do I simply overlay the tiles, or is there another option available? These are the tiles I'm thinking of using:

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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You may like the look of one of the Schluter edge /corner pieces---they are metal and come in a large variety of colors and finishes--- Home depot carries a few of the most popular styles.

Google Schluter --tile products
Thanks for the reply oh'mike!

I kinda figured there must be an aluminum like edging to use on wall corners, but I'm hoping to find something that would blend in nicely with the tile. Maybe even not use an edging other than the tile itself. Do you know how this can be done?
It might be possible to miter the tiles for a neat look--a bridge saw would be the best tool for that--simply butting them together seldom looks good---the corner will be fragile and easily damaged--
I would recommend the schluter products that Joe provided a link for. The stainless outside corner would look nice with your glass tiles and provide a durable protection for the glass.
Mike Hawkins:)
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