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Hi all, hope you can help. I'm looking to renovate my unfinished basement into a living space and need help solving insulating the basement. Located in Ontario, Canada and the house is about 22 years old.

The front of the house is at ground level however there is a slight decline in the land resulting in the the basement being below ground at the front of the house and above ground at the back of the house.

Consequently, in the basement the concrete wall is at least 8' at the front of the house, part way up on the side walls and 3" from the floor at the back. Framing sits directly on top of the concrete on the sides and back. NOTE: there is no ledge between the concrete and the framing that sits on top - the framing is in-line as if it was a continuation of the contrete.

Existing framing appears to contain fiberglass insulation covered by a vapor barrier. The fiberglass has a couple dark spots in areas like corners.

After reading much, I've decided to go with 2" rigid foam (XPS I think) on the walls, XPS on the floors and frame the walls thereafter. The Front wall should be easy.

I would rather not use spray foam other than to fill in the cracks...

I'm not sure what to do about the side and back walls?
Should I remove the vapour barrier and then cover everything with XPS?

I'm guessing since there are black spots on the old fiberglass, a better method may be to remove old fiberglass and fill any cracks with sprayfoam. Maybe then fill old framing with roxul comfortblatt and cover everything at that point with the XPS and frame the wall thereafter?

Other challenges I know I'll run into:
1) Drain pipe is littlerally 1"from concrete I not insulate behind it?
2) I have a slab of concrete that is about 36" in height about 1 wide and protrudes 18" towards the interior from the side wall. I have no idea why it's there or if it serves any purporse. Can I remove it?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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