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Hello all,
I intend to install the following Watts pressure reducing valve and don't understand the connection style used on the right (low pressure) side of the valve in the image below. The connection on the left (high pressure) side of the valve is a 3/4" female NPT connection. Looking at the valve I have, the low pressure side seems to be a union connection that requires an o-ring (same as on the high-pressure side) - I'm not familiar with this type of connection and can't find any mention of how to connect to it on the Watts site or the valve instructions.
Thanks in advance for the help!


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The one in the picture is missing the adaptor that's bought seperatly.
There at least three differant styles avalible.
Shark Bite
A Pex, Barded
And slip fit copper in 2, differant sizes.

You can also buy a pressure regulator that has Shark Bites on both ends so no soldering is needed.

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It's not missing anything.

It's threaded FIP on the inside.

The union can be swapped to either end, which is why the threads look funky.

Every regulator i've ever installed only comes with one union nut.

Both ends have union thread on the outside and iron pipe threads on the inside.
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