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From the "I've seen it all now" department: Recently I saw some guys working on a house in the neighborhood that has been empty for a long time. One day I passed by and I saw two (2) new fiberglass tub/shower enclosures lying in the drive-way. The next day there were some guys up on the roof tearing off just one large section, as if the roof decking was rotten. The next day the tub/shower enclosures were gone. I stopped to ask hot they got them in the house as I knew they were 36" wide and all interior doors were 32". Dumb me. There was no roof problem, they tore two holes in the roof, removing one rafter and ceiling joist at each site in order to drop the tub/shower enclosure's straight down into the bath areas for the re-model. I hadn't thought about doing it that way, and probably won't.
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