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I have purchased two American Woodmark SC30 6"W wall cabinets (Storage Cube style). They will be installed one on each side of a 15"W wine rack cabinet. The stud spacing behind the wall is 16" o.c. The cabinets have to be in the center of the wall and I am not sure if I will be able to locate a stud behind the two SC30 (6"W) wall cabinets. In fact, I am betting that I will be out of luck on at least one. American Woodmark is not very helpful in giving suggestions. They could not tell me what to do when there is only one adjacent wall cabinet. They pointed me to their installation instructions which seem like they will work if I have adjacent cabinets on both sides of the narrow cabinets. Their instructions call for using two #6x1" flat head screws through the side of the unit, 1/4" back from the face of the unit.

Unfortunately, since my single wine rack cabinet is in between the two 6" SC30s in the following configuration: 6"W SC30-15"W wine rack - 6"W SC30, I cannot rely on just two screws holding each SC30.

I intend to put crown molding on top and a glass flute accessory on the bottom.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Fasten a piece of plywood to the back of all three cabinets. Then attach them to the wall as one unit and use a small molding to hide the plywood.
Exactly! And if the backs of the cabinets are inset, notch out that side part where two cabinets meet... BUT do not notch the outside edges of the small 6" side cabinets. Using the 'notch' method, it is easiest if you use three or four 6", or so, wide strips of plywood.... no thicker than the inset so the plywood won't show from the sides.
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Not sure if it would help your particular situation, but you might be able to use a french cleat to hang the cabinets together at once, while still fastening the wall cleat to the studs. The cleat can be made from 1x material or plywood. Do an online search for french cleat and I'm sure it'll be self explanitory when you see a picture.
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