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How to install leviton 6230 timer switch

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I would like to replace my fan switch with a leviton timer switch. I currently have two switches in the same box. One goes to the fan and the other goes to the bathroom light. The timer has the following wires:

When I take of the face plate and pull the light switch and fan switch out I see the following for the fan switch:

one black wire attached to the top screw
two black wires attached to the bottom screw, with one of the black wires going to the second bathroom light switch.
A bunch of white wires which are pigtailed.

I don't see a ground wire in the box.

Any help would be appreciated
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What the instructions say about the neutral has me scratching my head, don't know why you wouldn't hook it up to a 15A circuit as well.
My guess would be that sometimes instructions are written for multiple model numbers, and instead of having separate instruction pamphlets for each model of timer the manufacturer just uses the one multipurpose instruction pamphlet. I would be willing to bet that the 15 amp model doesn't have a neutral wire for whatever reason and the model that the OP has is probably the 20 amp model.

As darren stated your connections would be:

black - (2)blacks
blue - black
white - whites
green - cap with wirenut
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