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Hi all,
Before I finish off the basement I am going to have to take care of a moisture problem along one side of the concrete block foundation wall. Until recently, I have only noticed moisture coming through in two corners, however after a period of lots of rain, I noticed that there is also moisture wicking through the blocks on the back wall as well (between the moist corners). I will say that we have a pretty good slope to our property and the moist wall is on the uphill side (which makes sense). The floor on this side of the basement is about 10 ft below grade, and the opposite side is at grade (kind of gives an idea of the slope of the property). So before I dig down 10 ft along the house to install a drain, I figured I would try to get some advice/suggestions. My plan is to excavate along this side of the house (down 10 ft) to the level of the basement floor and install some kind of drain. Any ideas how much it would cost to pay someone to excavate down to 10 ft along the entire side of house (40 ft long)? Any other alternatives?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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