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Help! I'm overwhelmed with conflicting information about installing bath walls and floors.
Part One
I just had the tub put in then:
1. put 15 roofing felt (vapor barrier)
2. durock (1/2")

I read that durock should sit 1/4" above tub, but I put it 1/4" above tub lip (that little part that goes up.)

A) Is that a problem or do I need to start over and lower the durock so that it sits on the lip, thereby being about 1/"4 off the actually tub edge? I'm using subway tiles... 3x6. Would I lower them, so that they sit partially off the durock? That would mean 1/2 of air behind them?
B) Should the durock be butting each other or have gap? I think there's a 1/4" gap between our durock sheets on the wall?

Part Two
For the floor my guy put in 3/4" plywood, then he was going to put 15 roofing felt, then 1/2 durock, then thinset with tile.

I've read that after plywood, one should use unmodified thinset then durock.
Would that be the vapor barrier?
I live in Los Angeles, so I don't know if weather is factor with this floor choice. My guy (handyman) says that's how he always does the floor. Don't be too hard on him... he's been around the block.
This is my first bathroom experience and I've fired myself several times from this job. The toughest part is knowing what questions to ask. Thanks for all your help/ guidance/encouragement. Debbie


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Hold up, your heading for trouble by doing it the way you are.
With both the walls and the floor.
Hope fully Jazman or oh'mike will be along soon.
If you go back and look at the top right in the search area and look in the Tile forum there's thousands post post about this exact topic.
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