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how to get rid of dips in floor

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i have an 1960s home. the kitchen floor has 1/4 inch dips between joists.
there is currently vct down which i do not want to remove. the floor has some bounce to it since joists are made of 2x8 and are 12 ft long. they have already been sistered a reinforcement but still have some bounce.

what is the best method to level the dips in the floor. other than replacing the subfloor.

leveling compound would tend to crumble over time and i dont want to deal with that issue later.

any help is appreciated.
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1960's would suggest someone use 1/2 as a subfloor, may even be partical board.
Both would be unexceptable as a subfloor today.
Only way to fix is to remove and replace with thicker subfloor rated subflooring. There is no magic fix for this one.
To get the bounce out it would be best to add footings, piers and a doubled up beam under the floor in the middle of the joist.
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