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How to get grout haze off tile

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I am having trouble getting grout haze off of tile floor that was put in my new house. The grout used contained a sealer. I have tried several products and none of them have worked. The most recent one used was Banish Grout Haze Remover which was recommended by the person where the tile was purchased. The tile is called Blue Agave and it is a ceramic tile. Can anyone help, please.
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If it’s that hard to remove use a scouring cleanser or grout poultice and pad, which are all available at your hardware store.
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I don't see how scouring powder or poultice paste would be appropriate to remove haze, but maybe.

I would recommend Sulfamic Acid crystals. Can be used after the grout is about 10 days old. BUT before you use anything, how about you tell us what grout you used. Sounds like you used one of the newer types.

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Grout that was used on tile

Originally I planned to have the grout sealed after the flooring was installed but after the floor was installed the owner of the store where the tile was purchased told me she had grout used that already contained a sealant. This was done without my knowledge. Before signing the papers to close on my house I voiced that I was not happy with the tile in the 2 bathrooms and the laundry room because even after thorough cleaning it still looked dirty. So the man who installed the tile came out and used a product made by TileLab that is caled Cleaner and Sealer. The floor did not look much better but because of time constraints and needing to move from where I was staying I went ahead and closed on my house. I have tried everything that she has told me to do and have used a green scrubbing pad and also a soft bristle brush recommended by person in store tile area. Nothing will work and my floors look dirty and I am sure it is because of the presealed grout. Please can anyone offer any other solutions. I have spent much time and money trying to fix the floors.
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So we don't know what type of grout it is yet?

I guess if someone who knew what type of grout is told you to use the Banish stuff, it must be a portland type grout.

Everyone seems to get their panties all bunched up when I suggest this, but here goes:

Get yourself some muriatic acid.

In a small container, put in a cup of water and add about an ounce of the muriatic acid. Don't put in the acid and then add the water.

Now get a bucket of water and two sponges.

First, wet down a small area with the water, using a sponge.

Next, sponge on the acid solution and use any of the following to scrub with:

stiff nylon scrub brush
3m scratch pad
razor scraper
grout removal tool (triangle head)

Sponge it on in a small area, wait 10 seconds, then start working. It may fizz a bit when it comes in contact with a dirty section of tile. As you are working, keep the area wet.

You can strengthen your solution by adding another ounce of muriatic acid.

When you have cleaned the section, rinse off the acid by sponging it with clean water a few times.
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