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How to frame this wall

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I am going to be finishing the basement with 3 inches of closed cell spray foam, tile floor and mold resistant drywall. I would like to use metal studs because I am concerned about humidity/moisture.

My question is how to frame the wall under the duct in the picture. I have a field stone foundation covered with a skim coat and painted with some type of water proof paint. It is not level. There is only a quater inch between the duct and the foundation. I don't want to frame inside of the duct because I would lose so many square feet.

How would you frame the wall? Can it be done with metal studs?
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No spray foam. XPS sheets glue to the wall. You can't control the moisture/leak issues because the duct is in the way. Seal the edges of the xps with can foam, as long as you are sure you have no leak issues. If you don't know, don't seal the bottom, unless you are sealing to some kind of french drain. What you want is dead air space behind the xps. The duct itself looks insulated enough not to rust (soft duct?), but the rim joist/joist bay above can't be touched.
I'd test the wall first. Skim coat/stone may not hold a fastener. Coat is too thin and stone may fracture. You may be drilling/screwing into stone mortar joints which may not hold/soft.
If the basement is not high ceiling, the space under the duct maybe too low and already lost as living space. You can fill it with storage/built in and tie it to the visible floor joist. Electrics in metal wire chase/thinwall tubes and outlets in the cabinet back wall.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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