Homeownership brings with it many challenges. Maintaining a property is a tall order, and it's vital to save money by learning to service the things you can.

Crooked or malfunctioning doors are one easy-to-fix item. Allow them to go unrepaired, and your home will take on a tired, sordid appearance. Yet you can mount them straight and get everything in functioning order with a little practice. It's a skill you'll use as long as you own a home.

They Move Precariously 

Doors should stay where you put them. However, some swing to and fro with what appears to be their own free will. You don't have a poltergeist — it's merely a matter of reshaping the pins that hold the door on.

This trick works for doors that swing both open and closed. For an easy fix, remove the pins and give them a slight bend by tapping them with a hammer. The added - or removed - resistance will keep the door from moving on its own.

They're Not Aligned

Spotting a door where the top corner doesn't align with the bottom is easy. It can make operating it rough and unpleasant, or it might just look tacky. Either way, you probably want to eliminate it, and it's easy using some simple tools.

This repair involves shimming up the door using, of all things, cardboard. Add thin pieces of wood, which you can purchase at the local hardware store, for a sturdier fix.

By adding several strips of cardboard behind where the hinge mounts , you can adjust a door that's misaligned back to straight upright.

They're Missing Molding

Did your pup chew on the door molding? Perhaps your children based it with toys, or old-age allowed it to rot. Either way, you'll want to replace it.

To start, use a claw hammer to remove the old molding. Place a shim between the hammer and the wall to avoid damage. Next, measure the frame and cut your new trim to fit. Paint before installation, since doing so on the wall can prove challenging. Nail the new trim in place and use spackle or putty to cover the nail heads.

They're Letting In Air

Not all doors are inside. Your garage door probably sees daily use, and, if it's misaligned, you could be inadvertently cooling your home.

Springs on either side of your garage door determine the alignment. While you can tighten and loosen the springs , it's best to have a technician perform this job. Be sure to keep all moving parts well-lubricated. Plus, test the manual release for the door often in addition to performing regular alignments.

A Complete Guide to Fixing Your Home's Doors

With the four techniques above, you can resolve the majority of problems in your home. Doors should last for decades, but they might need a bit of tweaking every once in a while.

Have a loose or leaky door? No worries! With the guide above, you can keep your home in pristine condition.

Scott Huntington is a writer from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter  @SMHuntington