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How to fix my walls!!?

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OK, so I live in the Netherlands and I know by sight that the plasterboard that is used here is different than it is in the US, but if anyone has feedback, please give it to me!

I live in an older house and instead of in the US how an older house would have plaster walls and amazing details, this house was constructed poorly and all of the "renovations" done by previous owners were shoddy and basically I'm left with poorly done projects to fix all over the place.

In the guest room, the walls were wallpapered, and the wallpaper was lifting and whatnot, so I applied a wallpaper remover so that I could see what is below it and decide how to move forward with renovating.

Underneath was 3 more layers of wallpaper and it's been removed leaving behind a lot of small paper bits, which are REALLY annoying to get off. The wall seems to be some thin board laid horizontally with plaster between panels (3 in total)

My thoughts are:

Should I clean the walls as best as possible and apply a plaster mix over them, in order to have a clean looking wall to paint?

Should I apply a damp killing product and then just apply a new layer of plaster boards over it?

Should I apply a layer of damp killing product to the walls after I remove the bits and just wallpaper over it again?

I have to do all of this on my own I guess, because I'm assuming a plasterer is going to run me 500+ euros.

Any suggestions appreciated! :eek:
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Post a picture so we can see the issue.
Discoloration of walls and/or ceilings could be from water damage. Are the walls/ceilings, " punky". Soft, powdery? When you tap it with your knuckles, does it sound low pitched or high pitched? Dull thuds indicate a wall with issues.
The walls look like hell. If it's indeed water damage, I would want to open some sections and look at what's behind these walls, especially the areas that exhibit the deepest discoloration and the areas near the floor below these discolorations. This spot checking is for your benefit. I would probably put the entire wall in a dumpster.
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