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How to fix double switch controlling two lights

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Basement lighting I have flourescent fixtures plugged into outlets. the outlets are mounted in the 4" square boxes on the joists. two single switches on wall where each switch controlled an outlet. I replaced an outlet and then replaced the two single switches with one double switch.

Below is the wiring how do I complete this so that the bottom switch controls the right outlet and the top switch control the left outlet? Thanks
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In the switch box connect the white wire to the bridged terminals of the switch. The white wire will become the hot feed and needs to be re-marked black. Connect the red wire to the top of the of the double switch, connect the black to the bottom.

In the right hand receptacle box, connect the red to the red. Remark the white from the switch black and connect to the black from the left hand receptacle box. Connect the white from the left hand box to the receptacle, connect the black from the switch to the receptacle.

Just a note: this will not meet NEC 2011 rules which require a neutral in all switch boxes. But this would require a new cable in your case.
The white at the switches goes to the common screw. The white should be remarked with a marker black.

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Thats it got it working. Ok for the code violation for no neutral at the switch. Not to concerned never going to have a timer there. Is that the only issue with no neutral?
Thanks for the help.
Since this wring is existing and only a repair it is grandfathered and the neutral is not required to be added.
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