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How to fix damaged vinyl floor roll

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Hi, we have a 500 sq ft room behind our house that we access through a covered walkway. After we bought the house we discovered a corner of the foundation had broken away. That has been repaired, but now the corner of the vinyl floor has been torn away. It's a roll of vinyl and it's dated, so the chances of finding something that matches to patch it with are slim. I've been looking at options for putting a new floor down, but they're all $300+ so I thought I would ask a forum for cheap ideas for fixing. This is my hail mary pass before having to replace the whole floor. Any ideas (picture attached)?


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That pattern looks pretty common. You should be able to find something close in a peel and stick vinyl tile. I would try to find the closes peel and stick. All you need is 4 tiles. Lay all 4 down in the corner and then trace the the outer edge. Then remove the existing flooring up to the traced line and lay the 4 new tiles into place. That should be a good fix other then replacing the whole floor.
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