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I am wondering how you would approach fixing this cracked / peeling trim on our front porch?

Here is an image:

In particular, do you think this can be just nailed back in place? Or would it need to be totally replaced?

And if totally replaced, do you think this would necessitate taking off the electrical box to get access to that area?

Any thoughts on how to approach this project would be appreciated as I'm a fairly new DIYer.


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It is painted wood. We are in Washington DC So we do get freezing in the winters.
It looks like a bad idea that allowed water to get behind it. Others may be familiar with that set up.
To me it looks like it has to come off and design something better.

If the meter is in the way you would need power disconnected at the street to make it safe.

Any water damage below in the framing or ceiling or what have you?

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It might be repairable - hard to say from here.
The only way to keep it from reoccuring is to keep the joint between that board and the porch floor caulked ..... and caulk isn't a long term solution.

I wonder if replacing it with PVC trim would be a good long term solution ??
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