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How to fix a pot light coming out of the ceiling

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I was trying to remove the trip when I guess I accidentally pulled the whole housing out of the ceiling. I can remove the release clamps onthe side (not sure if this is the right term) and pull the entire unit out (ie. not fixed to the ceiling). The clamps look like springs. Basically, I think the releasing clamps should be holding the housing unit up but it won't. Any ideas of how to fix this?

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xcell, Halo high hats, aka recessed lights, come in two flavors; old work (for installation after the sheet rock/wall board is up) and new work (installed before the sheet rock/wall board goes up). If you can pull the can down some and look into the ceiling, new work cans have a metal frame that looks as if it's sitting on the ceiling, old work have (or should have) four black clips. They are shaped like an arch, one end has a "foot" and the other a "tee". They fit into a cross shaped hole on the side of the can with the foot outside the can. When installing them, all the clips should be hanging inside the can. Push it back into the ceiling, press the tee of the clip upwards. It should go all the way to the top. The new work cans (Halo) have four screws that hold the can onto the frame. Other types of cans have three or four tabs that stick slightly out from the frame and apply pressure to hold it in place. Hoped this helped. pete
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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