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How to finish this?

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I built a wishing well a few months ago, idea is to run a pump in the well up to the bucket and have the water run out of the bucket and splash back into the well.
I need to get power out to the well.

My plan is to use a 3' 6"x6" post in the ground about 18". Mount a weather proof box on it, Then run gray conduit underground from the post back to the house.
Problem I face is, How to finish the run back to the house.

The house has a gfi electrical outlet close by, but is in 6' on a wall surrounded by a concrete patio.
This means, I bury the conduit all the way to the house and end of patio, bring it up and run it over the top of the slab for 6', then to the existing gfi exterior outlet.

All they really want is a extension cord style plug in to turn the pump on and off.
Plug in the cord when they want the well running, unplug it when not.
I am trying to think of a attractive way to run the wire across the patio, and maybe add a switch to turn it on and off.

Any creative ideas here?
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have you thought about a solar powered pump?
Only thing been requested so far on pump, get the best I can ... cheap pumps are noisy and do not last long ... solar was never discussed.
Since this appears to be work some someone else, you will want to follow the NEC guidelines for this installation. It will minimize your liability. I suggest you have a licensed electrician come look at it for legality.

I don't get into permits like others might. Where I'm from permits are not needed for small DIY jobs. Permits are required for contract work for others, and then you must be licensed anyway. It's all about liability for you. Most lawyers do not care where their money comes from. It may as well be you.
This is a diy project for some friends, I have been working around their house for years.
They call me uncle Fred :laughing:

I built the well back in October, this pic is before it was finished. I made a wooden bucket for it and is hanging now. I also installed a pond liner 16" deep while building the well. I now have time off of work to get back over there and finish the wiring and get the water feature working.
Will simply be a small pump to run water up into the bucket, and flow out.
I am not talking about powering a out building. They would be happy with a extension cord hidden all the way to the pump.

I will bury pvc and run it to code from the well to the side of the house, terminate the pvc in a weather proof box with a switch, then hard wire a outdoor cord from switch to the gfi outlet.
I think the cord will look tacky running the 8' along the patio to the outlet.
With all the fancy new gadgets available today, am trying to find a creative way to get power to the switch without hard wiring it.
House is on a slab, other side of the exterior wall is a closet and no outlets close by.
Is 2 stories and not going to run conduit up the side of house for it, not going to cut ou the patio to get power to it.
Next choice would be to trench about 150' around the corner and down a hard packed gravel drive way to the garage to get power.
Just looking for a creative way to hide or run the wire from outlet to switch.
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12V pump, old car battery, and solar charger for 12V batteries. Plenty of sun in ABQ.... bypass NEC code altogether!

I'm not the typical DIYer but I actually have all 3 laying around the garage....

not sure how much psi a direct solar powered pump can push up 6 ft without it being expensive....
Any chance of a picture of the house/ receptacle? I envision something like a conduit [maybe painted] anchored along the patio slab direct to a box extension on the existing receptacle. An inline switchbox in the conduit (commonly called an FSC) close to the receptacle would house the on/off switch.

I would also eliminate the post at the well and install a watertight splice point in a hidden location, but accessible, to splice the pump leads to the supply wire.

I can see it now... You're lounging around on the patio with your lady and a glass of wine, needing a little ambiance to suit the mood. So you just lean back a little bit, flip the switch, and soft water sounds permeate the evening air, causing the temperatures rise to extreme levels. And then........ :whistling2:
Just getting back to this project, took a couple pics to better explain what I mean.
Tomorrow I will trench and lay the conduit, run a sweep up the wall and attach a outdoor box with a switch installed. Then hardwire a extension cord to the switch and plug it into existing outlet.
I could run conduit over the patio to the outlet, But still see no good way to get into the box without plugging it in.
Quite honestly, my friend the home owner would be quite happy with just a out door extension cord running all the way. He does not want to penetrate the stucco and tear out drywall to wire it in the existing box. Not for just a small pump on a water feature.

Just trying to think of some creative way to run the cord from switch to outlet, or maybe build it with direct burial wire for uv protection if it would help? Total distance is just under 5'


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