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How to find support beam on the second floor

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I'm going to buy a small safe (about 24"x24"x12") and anchor it in one bedroom's closet. The room is on the second floor. The floor is not concrete. It's tile floor with plywood under.

Sorry if the question is not about home improvement. If it's not appropriated, MOD please delete it.

Thank You
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You want to locate a floor joist or two---

First go to the basement and measure the spacing on the ones down there---typically they are 16" or 24" apart---

It's pretty safe to guess that the spacing will be the same upstairs---

Then start looking for something that needs a joist bay for a chase---that will usually be a floor vent for heat--or even a wall vent for return air---remove the vent cover and poke a wire into a gap to see if you can feel the joist on either side----

then it's just a matter of math to find the joists in the location for the safe---

Or just use large wing bolts and forget about the joists---
This sure is a home improvement! Enjoy----Mike-------
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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