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I am the new owner of a condo and recently started to notice the sound of running water in the walls. I dont have a master shut off valve or a water meter so this definately makes it more difficult to find a leak.

I notice the noise most from under my kitchen sink but also notice it when standing in my bathroom tub. Both these rooms share a wall with my neighbor so its possible the leak may not be coming from my unit at all.
For reference I have attached the floor plan on my unit, also I am a single story corner unit.

I have tried putting dye in my toilets resevoir and checking for leaks but that wasnt the issue. I have also done a visual inspection including taking out my bathtub fixture to get a peak behind the wall but turned up nothing. I have also tried shutting off the water from multiple valves in the unit but still heard the noise.

My next step is to ask my neighbor if she hears the leak, but what else can I do?



1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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