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How to fill this gap?

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Below is a picture of a gap found between the house (brick) and the wood trim. It's about 1in wide, and about 1.5in deep. This gap runs around the entire trim of the door. As you can see some of the sealant is coming off. I'll remove the old and reseal it. But how can I fill this gap in? What should I seal it with?

The biggest concern is the horizontal piece above the door. That gap can potentially trap water in there.

Please advise.


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Can you back away a few feet and retake a shot of that area?

The jamb the trim is connected to is too wide. Cut it flush with the brick or a little wider. Reattach the trim and caulk the sides. Install a metal flashing on top that goes behind the brick and over the top of the trim. Caulk under the flashing where it contacts the brick/trim interface.
Has the door frame shifted? A space of 1" is very large.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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