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The house I recently bought has a stop work order on it because of the previous owner extending the building without a work permit.
Now, I've to do the filing and proceed accordingly.
My question is whether you guys out there know one or a few architects that are easy going and cheap, since I plan on doing the actual filing myself( because of cash), but as city rules I need a licensed architect to do the drawings and sign all application forms.

Thx. for the answers.

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There are a whole bunch of architects out there. If you want something cheap, try posting an ad on Craigslist. It's free to post an ad. Also, if you're pulling the permit, you'll need the contractor's name on the permit and his license info (unless you're doing the work yourself).

If the prior owner extended the building, you might have to go through the variance process. Did the city say you needed that also? Any setbacks get encroached?
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