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Okay, I'll bite. It looks like your stove isn't "plugged in" but rather hardwired. I think that first picture shows a junction box where the stove wires are spliced to your house wires. That is the extent of my knowledge I'm afraid. Most of us here typically only deal with USA wiring methods. Except for frenchelectrician, who may be able to give you a more helpful answer later.

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You are not too far off from that point and there is two demarkation box as you guys call junction box one at the wall which it will have termail screw to hold the conductors in.

The second location will be at the stove.

However let me warn you most stove I know they useally use in Germany are typically wired for 3 phase { 400 or 415 volts } so you will have to find three pole breaker to turn it off.

Smaller stove will wired up in either way { either single phase or three phase format }

And older wire colour code IIRC they were all black but green with yellow strip is earth.

I doubt that is really old one so you may have reltive modern colour format I will go by IEC colour format

Phase A Brown
Phase B Grey
Phase C Black
Netural Bleu
Earth Green with yellow stripe.

There may other verison show up so expect that.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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