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I have a cabin which has a steeply pitched roof with no attic space...just a high beamed ceiling. When the cabin was added on to in the 1960s, a two-story addition was built at a right angle to the steeply pitched roof such that there is now an odd, but large, interior space on the second floor of the addition that inludes the space over the old pitched roof. The roof of the new addition extends over one side of the old pitched roof and attaches at the peak of the old pitched roof. Thus the space between the two roofs is like an upside down wedge of cheese standing on its point. It has a vertical side of about 8 ' in height (actually the wall of the second floor bedroom), a steeply upward sloping side (the outside of the old pitched roof) that extends from the bottom of the vertical wall to a height of 8' and a depth of about 6 '. The ceiling of this odd space is flat. What kind of closet design has anyone seen to use this space most efficiently? Are there any ready-made closet inserts for a weird space like this?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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