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How to cover a fireplace

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Hi, I recently moved into an apartment and my wife really doesn't like the fireplace. (Here are pictures of it.[email protected]/sets/72157620269988413/)
Our landlord won't let us paint it, so my wife wants to cover it with this embossed wallpaper that kind of looks like a tin roof. We would then paint the wallpaper

I bought some mdf to cover the fireplace frame, but I'm stuck at how to affix the mdf in a non-permanent way. Any ideas? Is this the right forum?
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Yes, it's a non-working fireplace.
It's a non-working fireplace, or at least, I can't use it as stipulated in the terms of my lease. I also put a flue damper in it so I won't loose cool air in the summer and hot air in the winter. I think it used to be a coal stove fireplace, but like so many old apartments, the stove was taken out.

Re wood, the mantle that is already on the fireplace is wood and I've actually seen a lot of decorative/old coal stove fireplaces made out of wood in old apartments in my neighborhood.
Thanks, she would appreciate the compliment.

Once you paste the wallpaper, is it easy to take off? The fireplace also has these pegs that stick out of the wall. I didn't want the wallpaper to look uneven.
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