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How to calculate old sash window weights

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Restoration project, was installing a restored double hung window sash into the frame, and discovered that 2 weights are missing inside the wall. So I wasnt sure if they were for the top or bottom window. I weighed both sashes:

Top window= 13 lb
Bottom window = 15.5lb

The 2 weights are 14.4lb BOTH.

So, do weights have to be 100% exact for a sash? Would you use the 2 weights for the top or bottom sash? Then, what weights do I obtain for the remaining?

Thanks, people.
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They don't have to be exact , but should be close . If too light , the window will creep down . If too heavy , they will pull the window all the way other words you won't be able to open the window halfway .

Just curious , do you have a source for replacement weights ?
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