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How to calculate old sash window weights

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Restoration project, was installing a restored double hung window sash into the frame, and discovered that 2 weights are missing inside the wall. So I wasnt sure if they were for the top or bottom window. I weighed both sashes:

Top window= 13 lb
Bottom window = 15.5lb

The 2 weights are 14.4lb BOTH.

So, do weights have to be 100% exact for a sash? Would you use the 2 weights for the top or bottom sash? Then, what weights do I obtain for the remaining?

Thanks, people.
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They don't have to be exact , but should be close . If too light , the window will creep down . If too heavy , they will pull the window all the way other words you won't be able to open the window halfway .

Just curious , do you have a source for replacement weights ?
Right, DD, but if it was you, which window would you opt to use the 2 weights I have? Upper or lower?

Yes. I have a local salvage supply near here. Will probably visit them soon.
The top sash weight should be a bit more than the sash to hold it up. If it is less than the sash, the weight of the sash could let it fall down.
Opposite for the bottom. The weight should be slightly less than the sash so the window will stay down.

In your case 14.4 should work for either sash. They are a little heavier than the top and little lighter than the bottom.
That's an education, Joed! Thanks!!
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