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I'm looking to learn how I can build a nice somewhat professional frame support including the transparent glass/plastic overlay for some solar cells.

Basically, I need to know:

- What material to use
- How to go about building it, the dimensions, etc.
(of course it depends on how many solar modules I have, but I mean, stuff like, how much room should I lever in between each solar module, considering weather conditions as I would like to be able to place the frame on the roof top eventually)
- What tools are Needed
- Where to get the material
- Estimated cost

I know I should be able to get most of this stuff at like Home Depot or Lowes. I'm a college student right now and I'm just trying to make my own solar panel from scratch (starting with the solar cell), and then basically write my own tutorial on how to go about it :thumbsup:

Thanks, any help is appreciated even if you can't answer all the questions.

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LOL, I missed this post before. Apparently a last minute project in May for a college student trying to finish his spring semester. And if I understand his question he wants someone to write him a tutorial on how to build a solar panel so that he can complete his project which is to write a tutorial on how to build a solar panel.

Ah college life. LOL
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