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I have a crumbled distribution box on my septic system. The original pad is strong and all four pipes are securely resting on the pad. I would like to build a concrete box around those pipes to mimic the original box.

What kind of concrete do I use? Should I form it up on the outside or can I use the existing hole to do so? One person suggested I make my box out of mortar mix because it would give me the most strength. I only need a 12x12 box and maybe 18 inches high.

If I got a prefabricated D box, I would have to remove two of my pipes to place the box in. I would rather not do that and just keep all the pipes where they are.

Since the house is 30 years old, I am assuming the D box funtioned fine for those years and if I built one like it, it should last at least as long. It would be cheaper to do it this way also.

Any help or guildance would be greatly appreciated.
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