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I built a steel frame boat dock. I want to construct the deck with composite material. Are there self-tapping bolts or screws that will penetrate the composite material, drill the steel (1/8") material and sink the head into the composite?

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I hope that the steel boat dock is Galvanized.

Aside from that, generally, when attaching wood/composite finish stock/framing/deck boards - to a steel frame, the process is to install (solidly through mechanical fastening) a wood sub-frame at 16" OC. - to the Steel frame.

In this case, you would use Pressure Treated stock for the subframe material.

Then, the finish wood/composite product/deck boards - are attached to that, using conventional SS deck screws.

Also: You need Stainless Steel fine-thread fasteners/lags/threaded bolts - to attach the PT wood subframe to the galv. steel framing.
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