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I just removed a kwikset single deadbolt and installed a electronic one in its place.To easily get the manual one to operate( lock or unlock) with ease required pushing against the door in the closed position from the inside so the bolt and strike would more properly align. Same goes for the electronic deadbolt. Both will work with no drag when testing without being in the closed position. Any suggestions as to how I can easily align the bolt with the door strike so the bolt will engage/disengage as it should?
I am attaching a picture of the door strike plate for viewing.And it is installed at a little bit of an angle. New house so go figure.

Thanks for any advice.


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If it's a brand new house, contact the builder/realtor to have that issue fixed. That's silly, you can plainly see it's out of alignment.

I agree with you, It looks like the strike plate is off just enough to effect the manual and electronic functioning of the dead bolts. As you mention, you have to push hard against the door for them to work properly/smoothly. So this tells me they are not aligned properly.

Only thing I can suggest is try adjusting the deadbolt and strike plate to line up better. This may include moving the strike plate/removing more of the wood. But again, its a brand new house and should be covered.

Hope you get it figure out soon wpollock.
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