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So I am repairing a ceiling that had paint peeling due to water leaks (leak issue has since have been repaired). This job was completed by a contractor years ago but he did not match the ceiling texture. You can see the repair he made in the area surrounding the damage (see photo).

After watching some YouTube videos, to make this repair I am planning to (in a nut shell)…

  • Scrape all loose debree from damaged area
  • Reinforce the drywall with some new dry wall screws
  • Apply a bed coat of 45 minute hot mud (still a beginner, not comfortable using a faster joint compound)
  • Apply FibaFuse tape along joint
  • Apply a second coat of 45 minute hot mud
  • Apply a final skim coat of all purpose mud
  • Sand to smooth

Do these steps make sense for this type of repair? If so, after the repair is done I want to be able to match the sand swirl texture as best as possible see picture. Can I achieve this by using a sponge on the skim coat? Or will i have to apply a 4th coat (with sand?) to do this?

Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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