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How should I handle this gap between vanity and wall?

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I have to gaps to contend with.

1. Gap between back of vanity and wall.

The wall is bowed in the center. This leaves two gaps on either side of the vanity. The countertop is connected to the vanity, so I cannot cut out the drywall and push it back into it. How do you think I should handle the gaps. The gap goes up to 1/4 of an inch. I was thinking about shaving down some of the drywall where the bow is. I can then recess the backsplash into it. My other option is to caulk the gap. Which option would be better?

2. The second gap is by the side of the vanity and wall. The gap is about 3/8 inch. I tried putting in a base board, but it pushes the vanity out from the wall which leaves a bigger gap between the countertop and wall. I'm thinking about just leaving it without anything. I guess I could try finishing the drywall to the finished floor.
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I have the dame problem where the plumbing in the wall is making the drywall bulge. When you get that figured out, you still have to deal with a mirror that will not sit flat.

I made sure the black splash was thick enough to hide the gap.
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