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How should I fix this chair?

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I am new here, but I accidentally broke my housemates chair while moving it to mop the floors. I am pretty handy, and have done some basic furniture projects and wood working. But I was hoping to get some advice on how to repair this chair leg or whether to take it to a professional.

I have attached some pictures. the leg broke close to where it goes into the chair frame. where it broke there are also two dowels that are securing the frames sides. My guess is the wood there was already weak due to those two dowels.

So, I would want to drill out a hole and glue in a piece of dowel to secure the joint, but wasn't sure if this was really the right way to do it. Any thoughts?


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That leg goes up further, I don't know if just fixing it will last, it needs to be replaced instead of mended. To me this looks like a job for a pro. JMHO
Offer to share the cost of repair or replacement. Your roommate should be more familiar with the piece as to age and value, but it looks like inexpensive furniture to begin with. Upholstery will have to be removed from the area for repair, and frame may have to be remade. No pro is going to guarantee a spot repair. Ikea is good choice for something similar.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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