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I repeat, this is a guide of how NOT to pour self leveler.

We are redoing the master bath down to the studs and reshaping. This is the first time I am putting in in-floor heat. I bought Suntouch's Warm Wire and properly laid out on top of the Durock. Because I have only used self leveler once or twice before, I had a handyman buddy help pour in the 5' x 10' space.

What not to do:

1. Do not have enough product on hand so you have to run to big box in the middle of a pour.

2. Do not have guides or marks on the wall so you know what level is.

3. Do not use enough hot glue so some of the wires float up.

4. Do not stick around after pouring and assume the self leveler is going to self level.

When I checked on the next day, I had high spots and low spots. Being I am putting in mosaic tile, it had to be flat. To bring it flat from the high spot would have been too high at the bathroom to bedroom transition.

I decided to tear it all out and redo. i chipped out the self leveler with a big A chisel. It separated at the mess just under the Durock surface and then lifted the Durock with a flat shovel. It took six hours, but could have went much worse.

I was actually able to save the Warm Wire. It had the same resistance as out of the box. When chipping away the SL, it would always break off at the wire. However, being this is a master bath in a higher end home, we bought a new wire and will try to reuse the old wire in the basement bath remodel.

Put all back together, ripped some 2 x 4s to tack down to the floor on each side as guides, and used a 2 x 6 to screed the SL out. Much better.

Self leveler is unforgiving if you mess up.


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I think I understand all points except #2. Without the guide how did you know the level? Using durock was a good idea. There were past posts about pouring on plywood and having adhesion problems. I never used it but more I look at it, it should be called flattener than a leveler and that it does not level itself over a large area. I think as much area as it can move as a liquid. Did you have any guide or move it around and how many pours? Would appreciate some details.
About the heat wire, can you hook it up with electric and test? If it doesn't trip the breaker or spark or such, wouldn't that mean it's ok?
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