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How much wall needs to be done for final?

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For typical final, how far does the work on the wall need to be? Can electrical final be done with drywall hung? Can it be done before taping and sanding is done? If taping and sanding needs to be done can it be done before paint?
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Generally final inspection for electrical is done with the drywall in place and cover plates able to be put on the outlet boxes if not already put on (In the latter case the inspector may or may not take off a cover here and there to see that the wires were screwed or backstabbed correctly). The system must be ready to be energized (if not already energized).

Drywall does not need to be finished (taped, mudded, painted).

All this assumes that you had a rough inspection with no drywall or insulation and all the strung Romex cables visible.

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Mornin' Will..... I just passed my final elec. and the walls were finished. Mudded, painted, etc.
All devices and fixtures were installed and covers in place. I opened the door to the panel I installed is all.
5 minutes or so and $50.00 later he was gone and I had my green sticker.

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