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How much topsoil has to be under sod

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Hey everyone,

Just a quick one. How much topsoil do I need to have to put sod onto.

I have a bunch of concrete at different elevations in my Yard and I am hoping to break it up, add new topsoil and sod over some of it if possible.

Just thinking of a way to avoid driving concrete to the landfill. My old Toyota Echo has done too much of that already.


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prep for sod

The main thing with either sod or seeding is the soil prep. The worst thing for either is compacted soil which may be significant in the area under the concrete. If you have lots of clay or lots of sand you should add a good amount of quality topsoil and/or compost and till it in to loosen the soil 6-12". Sodding on compacted, poor soil is not going to be successful. Hope that helps.
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