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how much does wall paper removal cost

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I want to remove the wallpapers from one room and move it to the other. Is it true as told here : that it would cost me around 300 $.
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I've only ripped down wallpaper with no intention of saving it... its not difficult, just quite time consuming and frustrating... you're costs will be almost all labor... and to save it, probably a lot of labor.
I agree with LeviDIY, it would be a lot of labor. Re-hanging it would be tricky when it comes to making the seams look perfect. If the individual strips of paper stretch even a little bit when they're being removed or re-hung, the pattern will be difficult to match at the seams.

It mostly depends on the quality of the paper and how well the walls were prepared before the paper was hung. There's a product called 'wall size' or 'wall sizing' that can be painted on the walls before the paper is hung. It allows the paper to be removed later in full sheets and with no damage to the walls.

Your link leads to the index of this forum, so we're not able to see what you want us to read. Could you try again? That would help.

It must be very special paper, I really hope this works out for you. Good luck.

Do you know approximately when the paper was hung, how old it is or the manufacturer?
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I'd like to see that happen!! And for $300.00???? NO WAY...
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