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Looking for some information on the estimated cost to install a soft start kit on my 5 ton a/c compressor. I will be adding a 13,000 surge watts / 11,000 rated watts generator with a 50 amp generator lock out kit and inlet box to my service panel.

I only need to run 2 refrigerators, 1 freezer, 1 or 2 bedroom lights, den and kitchen lights, 2 tv's. Other than the refrigerators and freezer, the others will not be running at the same time. If the power is out, cooking and oven baking will be done in my outdoor propane kitchen. Dryer is gas.

My thinking is with 13,000 surge watts and a soft start kit on my a/c compressor, this should run the a/c compressor and blower motor.

Any information will be appreciated.
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