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How many supply and returns needed

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I am re-remodeling a basement in a house I just bought. The previous owner finished it and I'm finding corners cut. I'm now concerned about the HVAC. The basement has a main area that is just shy of 400 sq ft. It has two 4"x10" supply registers and no returns. It seems like there should be a return and more than these two supplies. The basement also has a 12x12 bedroom with 2 supplies and no return and a 6x10 bathroom with one supply and no return.

Should I add some supplies? Does the basement need a return?
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Is this duct tapped off the system for the rest of the house? Often, basements don't have enough cooling or heating load for the main house system to condition properly. A return would help this issue.
I am NOT a duct guy. Also in Fl very few basements. A little info may help you. Rough #s 200 sq in return grill for each ton. Example: 2 ton would need 400 sq in for duct grill= A grill 20 X 20=400 sq in --- The newer homes have a return in almost every room- but no return in bathroom and kitchen.
Is the basement comfortable? Is there a big temperature difference between ceiling and floor?

Adding return, floor level is a good idea.

Adding supply can mess up the entire balance of the house.

It's normal for a basement to be too cool in the spring and fall and a little too warm in extreme cold even if the ductwork was done right. The heat loss of the basement is relatively consistent as the outdoor temp varies - it will always get too much heat when the furnace runs a lot and too little when it rarely runs.
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