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How many fixtures on a wet vent?

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Hi there.

My bath room has (from left to right) a sink, toilet, and a tub. The vent pipe is connected to the sink (1.5") and runs out the roof. No other vents. As I understand it this makes it a wet vent. What I'm wondering is if I can add a wash box (for washing machine) in between the toilet and the sink. Sink and tub are only a few feet apart. Wash box will be added on other side of wall. Any advise very much appreciated. in ohio. Thanks.


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By any code I'm aware of, what you have there is a properly vented lavatory and an unvented toilet and tub. A wet vent is supposed to be 2" minimum, and to be correct the tub drain would have to wye off the toilet drain (3"x 2" wye rolled above the centerline of the 3" run), and the lav drain/wet vent would have to wye off the tub drain (2" wye rolled above the centerline of the horizontal tub drain).

I think a 2" vent stack serving a laundry in the location you've decribed wouldn't hurt anything. That would make the 2" stack the (sort of/default) faux wet vent for the toilet and tub. Some jurisdictions (like mine) do not allow a washing machine drain to be used as a wet vent; some do.
I'm starting to think there was no inspections when this house was build (2004) ha. Anywho...Sorry for the crude drawling..yes the lav is wyed off the toilet. So if I 90 down the trap arm (with no san tee & vent) am I asking for trouble?
Yeah...that's asking for trouble. Run the vent up through the roof in 2". Then you'll be about half a step closer to code compliance.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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