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How many fixtures on a wet vent?

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Hi there.

My bath room has (from left to right) a sink, toilet, and a tub. The vent pipe is connected to the sink (1.5") and runs out the roof. No other vents. As I understand it this makes it a wet vent. What I'm wondering is if I can add a wash box (for washing machine) in between the toilet and the sink. Sink and tub are only a few feet apart. Wash box will be added on other side of wall. Any advise very much appreciated. in ohio. Thanks.


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is there any thing else draining into the 3 inch pipe thru out the whole house
put a 3 inch wye on its side turn a 3 inch 90 up into wall cavity under floor reduce to a 2 inch then run up through floor into wall cavity then plumb it in as picture and the off top of t where wash machine trap is reduce to 1 1/2 vent run up above height of the sink a foot or more then run over to sink vent and ty into it with a sani t. now if i remember correctly the vent size should be 2 inch or larger the rest off the up off the t where sink vent and wash machine vent ty in together, but a 1 1/2 will work

and get ready to hear how this is not code but it will work
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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