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How low can you go! (Washing Machine drain)

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We came up with the idea of moving the laundry out of the house and into the garage. The garage are barely connected, corner to corner, with about a two foot overlap. The concern is that the garage floor sits pretty close to 24” below the finished floor in the house. Plumbing, gas, electrical would be no trouble because we have a good crawlspace under the house and there is around a three foot span that the garage and house overlap. Running all the necessities is just a matter of going through a section of the houses rim hoist into the garage (that sits from 15” to 21” inside the garage.

My concern is the grey water and the washer stand pipe with the appropriate p-trap and requirements. I’m wondering if I’ll be ale to get the required lengths and drop to consider moving it into the garage. The main house drain would be about 25’ from the new location. What other info is needed to figure this it.

I attached a photo of the garage floor. You can see the profile of the footing change from the garage to the house. I mentioned the access I have to run the drain is from around 15” to 21”


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How about the vent?
Vent is no problem, 2” flashing and through the garage I go
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