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How long to wait after transporting freezer on its back?

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Well, folks, I did a search and came up with no hits, so I'll pose the question:

I have an upright freezer that has been in storage for quite a few years...maybe 7 or 8. It was stored in an upright position, but when I transported it in a trailer I laid it on its back. It was on its back for about 5 hours by the time it was unloaded and positioned upright, if that matters.

I've heard that when you transport a refrigerator or freezer in any manner except upright, you need to wait for an acceptable period before starting up the appliance to allow the freon to "pool" at the bottom of the tubing, close to the compressor. long is an "acceptable period"? For some reason I remember "...a couple of days", but I'm old, it was a long time ago, and I've slept since then :huh: , so if anyone has an answer, I would appreciate you letting me know.

It could just be an "...old wives' tale", too....if it is, that's OK, I don't mind admitting it if I was "fooled".

Thanks in advance for any help you can give :thumbsup:


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Thanks for all the responses! Since there was pretty much universal agreement that one day is the minimum, and the freezer had been sitting upright for about 36 hours, I turned the temperature control to the mid-setting about 45 minutes ago. The inside temperature started out at 80 degrees, but within 30 minutes it was down to 20 degrees and after another 15 minutes it was reading 10 degrees.

I think we have a winner!!!!

Thanks, again, from.....

Dugly :cool:
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