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Just a quick question - when getting estimates for framing out and sheetrocking a space, is the charge determined by sq-foot of wall needed? Time needed? Both? Neither?

I'm just trying to figure out how this cost is usually determined.


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Same here for drywall---by the sheet---three prices---
1 hanger
2 tapers
3 scrappers

Framing---usually by the plans-----many framers will want to supply materials----
What are you framing? Addition ---basement?? that could help----also go to a book store and look at the contractor estimating books---r.s. Means---the Craftsman series--there are others---

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board hangers charge by the sq ft

tapers either charge by the hour or by (ft of seams, angles.. they know how much bond and mud its gonna take and charge occordingly

framers by the sq ft.. the guys i know start with a base rate.. then the price goes up based on how high the walls are, what type of floor system is being used, setting roof trusses either by hand or with a machine. setting steel beams, how complex a roof system is and how hard it is to access the roof.. how many stories the building is
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