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1. plug in compressor.
2. connect hose to compressor.
3. connect other end of hose to the gun.
4. flip on switch on compressor.
5. load nails into gun.
6. shoot at wood, not yourself.
7. win.

joking aside though, seriously consider reading all manuals or getting someone to show you before you get started. Nailers aren't a tool to toy with. Treat it like a real gun.

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A nail gun is basically a single cylinder engine, only instead of combustion driving the piston, it's a burst of compressed air, with the exception of some cordless, internal combustion fired nail guns.

Now, as stated earlier, a nail gun can severely injure or kill you if allowed to do so.

I personally know at least 6 guys who have shot themselves or someone else with a nail gun. One gentleman was shot in the crown of his head with a 3 1/4" framing nail. These things can and do happen if you are not diligent with safety precautions.

The main thing is, don't move about while wielding a nail gun with your finger on the trigger. You could easily bump the nose-piece against a body part and discharge a nail.

That being said, a nailgun is nothing more than an innocent bystander and injury cannot be blamed on the gun, it's all operator error.

Here's a link to a quick video of a gun being used to frame the floor of a shed. They are priceless from a production standpoint.:thumbsup:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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