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How do you reseat or put an over door back on???

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I took off my oven door to replace the inside glass. Got it all torn apart, put in the new glass and put it all back together without killing someone. Now our major problem is trying to get the darn oven door back on the oven but it will not go back on. The hinges keep snapping back before we can get them seated back in the slots in the range. Can someone tell me what we are doing wrong? Would appreciate any help that anyone can give. We have the following GE free standing electric range. Thanks in advance!!!
Appliance Type: Range/Stove/Oven
> Appliance Brand: General Electric
> Model Number: JBP24B0B4WH
> Serial Number: RZ130583P
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The door just slides onto the hinges. If they are snapping back, just pry them open with a kitchen knife as you slide the door over the hinge. Remove the knife, push door down on the hinge and you are done.
The hinges are on the oven door

The hinges are on the oven door and must be reseated back into the frame of the oven to lock in. The problem is the tension on the spring goes back before I can get it locked in. This is a self cleaning oven. I wish it was my old one where you just slid the oven door back on the hinges. That was so much easier!!!
You may have to pry them open with something long like a broomstick wide enough to do both sides at the same time. I have done my dishwasher and it is a pain. These are heavy duty springs to support the weight of the door and without the weight holding them open it is a two man ( person) job at least. Watch your fingers:thumbsup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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