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I went to an auction sale Saturday and was quite surprised to hear the price of this 1700 foot ranch to be yet in the teens. I expected to hear 60K to 75 K. A quick walk thru this house,I never saw anything like it. The interior door frames were 'gone',,,barely there from termite chewing. Most houses here have basements,this one was on a slab with masonry stucco exterior that looked great. The heavy shake old shingles had me wondering if THEY were termite infested also!!

Other than needing redecorating and the termites,and needing a new furnace that was smoking the paint badly,,it would have made a rental with double attached garage for $500-600 a month easy!!

realizing its too late for this one,but trusting there is always another around the next corner,,,how does one correctly determine extent of termite infestation before any tear out of walls,etc??? Specially on a slab house?? AND how would they treat interior wals etc on a slab??
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