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How do you cut tile straight which is laid down?

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Am removing an old floor *(tile) in kithchen which runs into adjacent room. Thing is, thetile is not straight, and wish to keep tile in adjacent room, but remaining tile in kitchen has a 90 deg angle corner jutting in kithcen. So, how do I make a nice neat straight cut on the "border" tiles to make all even/straight? Some "fine" type of wet saw? Dremmel?
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You will get chipping---and the cut will not be perfect----A picture of the area to be cut and the walls at the cut point would help----

If a few tiles could be salvaged from the demolition and used to replace the doorway tiles (after cleaning and cutting) you could get a clean edge---some grout would need replacing----which might look obvious,if the grout is older---
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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