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How do you cool this room without expensive A/C?

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I live in so cal and every year around this time I find myself in this situation. I live with family and the room I stay in has no vents for A/C. The house has a central A/C unit that pumps A/C into the main room but does not run through room to room.

The window I have is sideways so its tough to find an A/C unit that will fit right. I am kind of stuck. Anyone have any ideas on what I can get that won't cost an arm & a leg just to cool one room?

I have a fan in the window and its not really doing the trick and looks rather tacky.

Room size.

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Can you take out the burglar bars?


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Can you take out the burglar bars?
There are no burglar bars, what you see in the background are part of an overhang that starts almost 15 feet away from the window. There is a plant that is also back there. The window is free and clear.
Get a window A/C and fill in the space with a sheet of plywood. Paint it to match the house. This is the cheapest option.
????? just get a portable AC unit...
duct it out the window there or wherever.

+1 for the portable AC unit. Got mine on ebay for a pretty good price and it works great to cool one room. Some are heat pumps so it could provide heat when needed also.
They make A/C units for slider windows like that.
I live in northern California, towards the north end of the Sacramento Valley. I use 18,000 BTU Window AC units (2) to cool my 1200 sq ft house.

You could get by with less than 18000 BTU for the one room. I was at a local Lowes store the other day and they had stacks of window AC on sale. I'd look for something that would run on 110V, 15A, and that'd probably be in the 15,000 BTU arena.

You can either cut a hole in the wall like I did, or if that's not ideal, then stuff it in the window and close it in with plywood.

Today's window AC units are really efficient. When it's 110F up here I can keep my entire house at 78F by running the two units on medium settings.
All those stand alone AC units will drive you crazy with noise...what you need is a Mitsubishi air conditioner

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Mr. Slim is great, but way more money than a window or through the wall unit.
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